Local Interest - First Week of March

David Assmann

Started the month by checking up on the SNOWY PLOVERS in the protected area at Crissy Field.  There were 10 Plovers, and none of them were banded. On Monday, had a SPOTTED TOWHEE at El Polin Spring - they have been there consistently this winter.  At Heron's Head on Tuesday, had great looks at the ROCK SANDPIPER transitioning into alternate plumage.  A MARSH WREN was singing loudly in a shrub just south of the main trail to the point.  That same day, at Glen Canyon Park, the resplendent male SUMMER TANAGER bathed in the creek, and the GREAT HORNED OWL on the nest showed two chicks that are growing fast. On Thursday, at Aquatic Park, a RED-NECKED GREBE was just outside the harbor, and the WANDERING TATTLER was on the pier. A MERLIN was in the Battery. Yesterday the WANDERING TATTLER was on the pier again, and an OSPREY flew over.  Today I discovered that the two ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD chicks in the nest in the Fort Mason Community Garden had fledged (they were there late morning yesterday - attached picture is from yesterday). The ORCHARD ORIOLE and the Yellow-Shafted NORTHERN FLICKER in the Fort Mason Community Garden were seen multiple times this week. There's a lot of active nest building.