Local Interest - Bald Eagle, Yellow Warbler, Tennessee Warbler and Bullock's Oriole

David Assmann

This morning, at Lake Merced, the BALD EAGLE was perched just north of the pistol range. The overwintering YELLOW WARBLER near the Boathouse is molting into a different plumage.  Between the Japanese Tea Garden and Stow Lake, the TENNESSEE WARBLER obliged a number of birders looking for it by perching and calling this morning.  At Fort Mason, the BULLOCK'S ORIOLE was in the Battery.  I haven't seen the Baltimore Oriole in a few days.  The overwintering NASHVILLE WARBLER was out in the open in the garden yesterday. The RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER (ruber) was in its usual spot near the Tennis Courts yesterday, and another RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER was in the garden.