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Josiah Clark <sunbittern@...>

Woh, I duck out for a few days now the main topic is marzeine? whatever that is...

While the exotic plant list grows weekly (over 115 for Crissy Field alone) there has not been a new bird there since Alans Green Heron in June. 2 Marbled Godwits were long overdue and the 127th species during my 1.3 yrs at Crissy.
Swallows have been moving through, and a few peeps duck in now and then. Lots of Elegants, but not often on the CG pier, at least during the day. The Field Office courtyard toward Baker Beach from the Presidio Hills restoration site has a pond which has been bringing in loads of finches. Itll produce some good sparrows this fall...
Sadly the Quail have had the worst breeding success Ive seen, with over at least 15-20 chicks disapeared and not a siting of any young in a week or so.
Red Foxes got off young this year and Presidio House cats are abundant.
Lots of activity off Ocean Beach yesterday, but just the wonderful usuals.
Best Josiah

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