Lark Sparrow at Fort Mason, early Acorn Woodpecker nesting and other sightings

David Assmann

A handful of migrants were spotted at Fort Mason this week, including a WARBLING VIREO, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT and BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK on Monday; a WHITE-THROATED SWIFT and a WESTERN WOOD PEWEE on Tuesday and a LARK SPARROW, WESTERN TANAGER and BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLE today. On Monday, also saw a WESTERN KINGBIRD at El Polin Springs. On Tuesday, in addition to seeing the RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD that Lori and others have seen at Lafayette Park, I spotted a young ACORN WOODPECKER that was probably a week from leaving the nest, which means that the egg it hatched from was laid the first week of March - which is extraordinarily early.