Laker Merced and Sutro Heights

Bob Hall

Birded Lake Merced from 9:30-12:30 and struck out on the goodies. Swarms of yellow-rumps in early on. There was a Bewick's wren in the brush pile near the willow trail. Cool to see eared grebes back on the lake. Spent a lot of time on the green towhee spot (Vista Grande) with no success. Got to see a bathing hermit warbler, though.

At Sutro Heights I heard there was a Brewer's sparrow there but what I saw looked more like a possible juvenile lark sparrow: central breast spot, black fu man chu, noticable white in the tail feathers. I also saw an enraged house wren.

Not sure how I missed the goodies. 2020.
Bob Hall
San Francisco, CA
"There is no better high than discovery." - E.O. Wilson