Indigo Bunting + Hooded Oriole

Mike Feighner <pac_loon@...>

San Francisco Birders:

Thanks to those who replied to my RFI. Unfortunately I had little time
to follow up on all the locations.

I tried to track down Calvin Lou's Hooded Warbler but struck out.
Directions were clear and concise. I found the concrete post without
trouble but still found no Hooded Warbler. The other usuals were all
present: Band-tailed Pigeon, Common Raven, Pygmy Nuthatch, Winter Wren,

I also visited Glen Canyon Park. I had actually been there on June 3,
2000. On that date there was a calling Olive-sided Flycatcher from
behind the so-called Day-Care Center, and several Hooded Orioles were
calling from the eucalyptus trees in the park. There wasn't a palm tree
in sight anywhere!

Today, I hiked northward from the ball park. Right at the ball park
there is a stucco building that is the Recreation Center. I continued
further northward on the trail until I could see ahead the riparian area
and a small bridge to the left to an unsigned two-story building with a
balcony. According to one of the regular park visitors of the park this
is the so-called Day-Care Center, although it certainly doesn't look
like one and has no sign that says such.

The Indigo Bunting was in the first eucalyptus tree to the left of the
trail north of the Day-Care Center. It didn't stay for long. The Page
Mill Road Indigo Bunting in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties is much
more reliable and much easier to find. A Hooded Oriole was calling from
this same tree.

Remember there are two trails here. You'll be on the right one if you
first cross the small bridge on the left to the Day-Care Center and turn
right and walk a short distance just north of the Day-Care Center to the
first large eucalyptus tree on the left.

Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA,