Indigo B


A first spring male Indigo Bunting was singing and calling at Glen Park this
morning. I heard the bird from the main trail boardwalk, and followed the
sound up the right side creek and willows, thinking it might be a breeding
Lazuli. I circled back above the trees where I could look down into them and
eventually located the bird. It flew in quite close and gave excellent front
and back views before flying down into the main riparian zone. It showed
patches of deep blue on the head, breast and back, lighter blue on the rump,
mottled gray belly, brown-gray tail and mixed blue and brown in the wings. I
did not see or hear it again after it flew off at about 8:50 AM.
Also of interest was a Bullock's Oriole family, with at least one pale,
awkward, begging fledgling, and a singing Black-headed Grosbeak. Up on Mt D,
I saw my first Or-cr Warbler in the last 3-4 weeks, and a W Wood-Pewee.