Harry's birds +

Dan Murphy <murphsf@...>


It sounds like Harry had a great field trip yesterday. Details follow.
At Fort Funston today I had a Peregrine Falcon flying over the still
active Bank Swallow colony. There are still over a dozen active burrows
out there. At the south end of LM there are only 8 remaining Cliff
Swallow nests with at least 3 still active. I finally saw the Western
Grebe with a single immature. It seemed pretty wierd how long that
young bird could stay under water.

Best, Dan

Here's Harry's report:

Dan: please forward, they changed my office email server and I am now
off the
sfbirds email group...will try to get registered tomorrow.

Three unexpected birds, nothing rare:
1) Calling Western Wood-peewee in willows east of Tennessee Hollow...he
aggresively chased another bird, acting very territorial
possibly breeding there?

2) Breeding plumage male Bullock's Oriole at Kobbe/Upton? Early
dispersal ?
Local breeder this year?

3) Harrier chasing juvenile Red-tailed hawk high above Cattery Caulfield
Probable juvenile Harrier on the roam.


Otherwise: one Semip. Plover and one Willet at Crissy Lagoon. Also
there: one
Blue Heron, two Great Egret, one juvie BC NIght-heron flyover, fishing
Kindfisher (female)...all three summer terns: Forst, Casp, Elegant. Two
Guil offshore.

Inspiration Pt: calling OS Flyc

Fort Point: one Wes Grebe

Tennessee Hollow: 2 femaile CAQU, Hooded Oriole family, Pine Siskins,
flocks, calling OS Flyc, calling juvie RT Hawk, adult RT Hawk, one juv.

VG Swallow, LEGO, male Wil Warb, singing Win Wren

Kobbe/Upton: one female CAQU, VG Swallow, Wil Warb pair, juv. BLPH,
Flycatcher: family of four sitting side-by-side on a single bare limb
photo of the day award)

Restoration chapparal north of public health hospital: male Ho Oriole,
Swallows, AMGO, male and female CAQU, VG Swal

Else all the usual birds in the expected places: juvenile Robins abound
as do do
Ho Finch, WC Spar, Junco and PYNUs
Did I mention we did NOT see any YB Magpies...I know, that would be
against the
"rules" as propounded by Murhpy.