Harlan’s looking to me/Glen Cyn Prk yesterday among other things


From Al DeMartini:

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Harlan’s looking to me/Glen Cyn Prk yesterday among other things

Hi Dom,

Sorry to be late here ... usual computer & time woe-is-me bullshit. I slow walked the park until 11am-ish ... started in the dark.
I have some perched shots & distant soaring ones that show the flight feather distinctions on this individual that l’ll try to include here or in following email if it’s beyond me. Eventually seen flying with at least 4 maybe 5 other RT types ( 2 ad, an imm, a rufous/intermediate type ad & maybe a normal dark one too).
Better still but not chase-able & too quick for photos were a male MOuntain Bluebird
with a female likely MT as well flying south just after 9am. An Oak Titmouse in with a mostly Bushtits with some OCWarb/RCKi/CBCh ‘flock’ along Islais Ck (seen only the 2nd time l was with the same flock) near where the Christopher Playground trails (or above) hit the creek trail. Too quick for a shot but seen well as a plain gray crested entity of chickadee size/shape. Also at least one Varied Thrush sharing the ballfield in pre-sunrise light (~715?) with 57 counted AmRo ... also later seen briefly in trees/riparian. An interesting morning in SF!
Maybe the blues are hanging out on Montara!
Hope you’re doing good my brother!
Cheers & Hawk feedback welcome post SF birds if appropriate,
Al D