Golden Gate Park Obstacles

Richard Bradus

Hi all

Frustrating late afternoon yesterday around the Central Maintenance area in Golden Gate Park - and only in part because I and others failed to find the Blackburnian Warbler that Nancy Palmer has been so wonderfully documenting.

When I arrived in the area around 3:30pm yesterday it was a mess - less so than some other areas that had fallen trees or limbs, but there was flooding near the intersection of the 25th Ave. extension and Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. and MLK was blocked off heading west. Worse (for bird listening anyway), there was a constant stream of trucks in and around the Central Maintenance Yard and the wood chippers were going full bore dealing with all the tree debris, so birds were either absent or laying low. Don't know how long this extra maintenance work will be needed, but bear in mind that the Outside Lands Festival preparations have also started, and fencing was already up along MLK Dr. blocking off Elk Glen Lake. So, consider when and where you might want to try to bird in GGP over the next few days.

Having said all that, there were a few birds of interest, including close up views of one of the local Red-shouldered Hawks, a nice display fly-about by a pair of Red-tails, an interesting intergrade female Flicker, and the usual fly-catching antics of the Yellow-rumped Warblers, particularly from the north and east shores of Elk Glen Lake, where Calvin Lou also spotted a late Yellow Warbler. I got excited about what turned out to be a nice female Townsend's but, alas, no Blackburnian. Maybe next year?

Be careful, but keep looking up!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco