Glen Park Canyon

Mark W. Eaton <mweaton@...>

This morning I birded Glen Park Canyon and identified nothing unusual. However,
I did have one unseen warbler which only sang a couple times which superficially
sounded like a YELLOW WARBLER, but after reading Kevin's post, it actually
sounds closer to MAGNOLIA WARBLER. Of course, this should be viewed with quite
a bit of scepticism.

Of the stuff identified, there was a (presumed) WESTERN TANAGER (three syllable
call), several grosbeaks of which the only one seen was a BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK,
at least three BULLOCK'S ORIOLES including one in a plumage that was unfamilar
to me. All of the flight featers were brown and there was almost no yellow on
it. I don't have Jaramillo here with me, but is this a juvenile plumage?

Other mentionables include OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER, a RED-TAILED HAWK
successfully hunting, a STELLER'S JAY and I found a PYGMY NUTHATCH nest that's
easily accessible if anyone's looking for a photo op.

Mark Eaton
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