Fri AM


I checked the East Wash, North Lake, and Middle Lake this morning (6:45-8:15) finding nothing of note. 2 Olive-Sided Flycathchers continue in the East Wash. Wilson's Warblers at Middle and North Lake.

Picked up Kevin's Birdbox message around 10:20 AM and headed over to Fort Miley and heard/saw the Magnolia Warbler(10:45AM). An aggressive Anna's Hummingbird flushed the Magnolia once, allowing me a few seconds of nice views. I had the bird just west of the NW corner of the VA parking lot behind the hospital, between the parking lot and all the Battery structures. There is a fence there that has a "Lot 16" sign and there is a cat-feeding station in the grass along that fence as well (north). The song led me in from a good distance away and when seen it was below the conifer canopy in the bushes with the small white flowers (sp?) Nice one, Kevin.

One other note, last evening at 7PM, at the north end of Lake Merced, an Osprey was perched on the telephone pole in the NW corner dining on a large fish.