Fort Mason this morning - Bobolink, etc.

David Assmann

The BOBOLINK at Fort Mason this morning was visible in one of the smaller trees behind the Battery, and then flew up into the Cypress trees behind the hostel and disappeared.  It was last seen around 9:25 am and Brian found his at 10:15 am at Fort Scott, so conceivably it could be the same bird. Otherwise Fort Mason had similar migrants as yesterday, with an increase in numbers of WESTERN TANAGERS (20+) and YELLOW WARBLERS (15+). There were at least four TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS, a HERMIT WARBLER, an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER (in Garden), a WESTERN WOOD PEWEE, a RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH, a LAZULI BUNTING and a WILSON'S WARBLER. A HOUSE WREN and a WARBLING VIREO were in the garden.