Fort Mason Last Two Days - Orchard Oriole, Meadowlarks, etc.

David Assmann

The male ORCHARD ORIOLE first seen on Tuesday morning was seen on Wednesday and again this morning. It's been moving around the garden. WESTERN MEADOWLARKS are moving through - saw 18 yesterday, including 16 in a single flock that landed in the Battery.  There were at least four this morning.  Two BONAPARTE'S GULLS flew by the Battery yesterday morning. The WANDERING TATTLER was joined by BLACK TURNSTONE on the abandoned pier yesterday morning. The number of WESTERN TANAGERS has declined fairly dramatically (6 yesterday, 5 today - down from more than 40 last Saturday.  YELLOW WARBLERS continue to move through (9 today, 19 yesterday). Small numbers of TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS, YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS, ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERS and BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER were also present both days. Yesterday a CHIPPING SPARROW was in front of the General's House, and 5 SAVANNAH SPARROWS were west of the garden.