Feb. 14, 2021: Lake Merced; American Bittern; Surf Scoter

H Cotter

This morning around 10.30AM I flushed an American Bittern from the reeds in the southwest end of the concrete bridge; there is a cut area through the reeds into the southern impoundment; the bird flushed from there and flew east. I do not know where it went and was unable to locate it.
I assume that this might be the same bird from November last year ?
Birding with Paul Saraceni near the Boat House a little later, we had a young male Surf Scoter up on one of the boat piers ( same one as the Kittiwake last week). Not sure if it was sick or not but did not move much. Also had one of the continuing Yellow Warblers in the Albizia in the same area.