East Wash Parula(s)

Brian Fitch

I hiked from Sutro to Eagle Pt this morning, with the only unusual species being at the East Wash.

As I approached on the Coastal Trail, I heard a Northern Parula giving its high upslurred zip on the golf green just west of the wash trail, and followed the bird without seeing it as it moved further west along the upper green, occasionally singing, and then down the slope and out of reach.  I gave up on getting a visual and continued eastward, but a few minutes later I heard a different unusual song, and found another(?) parula at eye level in the willows on the Coastal Trail just east of the bottom of the East Wash.  This one hung out feeding and giving the other parula song ending in two short flat buzzes.

I also checked on Hermit Rock as I walked by, with no sign yet of any alcids other than guillemots.

Brian Fitch