Cook's and Hawaiian petrels off Half Moon Bay today!

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello all.

What a day! While watching our second skua of the day, a quick flyby of a Hawaiian Petrel happened, although seen only by some of the boat. But five minutes later, a Cook's Petrel shows up! A second one came right by the boat spotted by Eli Gross, and when coming back in, we saw a third one, this one in San Mateo County! Over 1000 Ashy Storm-Petrels, Skua-jaeger "Grand Slam," and some of the best looks you can hope for of Scripps's Murrelets. Wow what a day! We have a Monday trip scheduled the same waters off Half Moon Bay. However weather is not good and we may have to re-schedule to later on in the week. If you are interested - let me know at alvaro@....


  Here is a photo of one of the Cook’s Petrels



Alvaro Jaramillo