Continuing Swam Sparrow


By 8 AM I was leaving the west side of Lake Merced after finding the continuing Swamp Sparrow along the Vista Grande Canal.  It was pure serendipity that I actually saw this little bird. 

I crossed from the concrete bridge and started walking south along the top of the canal.  Eventually I came to a ramp for driving into the canal, kept going and came to a second ramp.  Turning around, I saw a Song Sparrow and started paying attention.  A second bird was in a bush very close to the Song Sparrow.  This turned out to be the Swamp Sparrow, which I was able to see between the dry twiggy branches of the bush.  It had a striped head, a whitish throat, a plain breast with a grayish color.  I could never see the wings, though.  Then, it disappeared.

These birds were on the golf course side of the canal nat the green cyclone fence.  I was between the two ramps for driving maintenance vehicles into the canal.  What luck.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek