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hey marc, heres a message thats been bounced back to me. How do I get connected again?


:� Following is a list of highlights from a few hours around the Presidio
:today. There were thousands of Corms and things off the gate bordering the
:storms at sea... Most interesting though was a bird I saw from my house at
:about 1230 yesterday afternoon. I had been seeing more DC corms from my
:house than usual and was watching the sky. I walked outside with my
:binoculars, and saw a loon flying over.(It would have been a yard bird) With
:binocs I saw the red bill and cinimon head. In that moment I recalled on
:things Rich Stallcup had told me on the last Christmas count, bulkier bird,
:slower flight, thicker nech, flatter head. The belly was imaculate white.
:The female Common Merganser flew due S from 17th and Lake toward the park.
:White throated Swift- Lobos
:� Hairy Woodpecker- Kobbe and Upton
:> > Western Kingbird-4- 1Lobos Dunes, 2 Presidio hills 1Kobbe Upton
:>�������������������� Ravine- treetops
:> > Pacfic slope Flycatcher 5
:> >
:> > Townsend's warbler 1 Coastal bluffs
:> > Orange crowned- ssp. celata


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