Buena Vista Park 12/29 SF CBC

Adam Winer

I birded Buena Vista Park this morning for the SF CBC.

The bad news is that I could not relocate the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (with three visits to its old spot in the course of the morning).  The last eBird report was back on 12/21, so it seems that this bird has moved on, though it could easily be unobtrusively hanging out somewhere not too for off.

Elsewhere in the park, I was surprised that my 2 White-throated Sparrows from last week had doubled to 4 White-throated Sparrows!  I think that's my highest single-site count in SF?  Two were together at the playground, and two more were together northwest of the tennis courts, where one broke into full song.

Other birds of local interest included a single House Wren near the summit, two continuing Golden-crowned Kinglets east of the tennis courts, and a Hutton's Vireo.

-- Adam Winer
   SF, CA