Black-and-White Warbler @ McLaren Park

Daniel Scali

Howdy birders,

Early Fall migration is starting to pulse at McLaren. A smattering of Vireos, Grosbeaks, Tanagers, and Orioles were seen recently by either myself or others. Pacific-slope Flycatchers were in play yesterday along with the loud percussion of a flock of Yellow Warblers. The Red-masked Parakeets have also begun screeching overhead of late (I'm curious about this local seasonal migration behavior).

This morning, around my favorite McLaren migrant funnel appeared a Townsend's Warbler and a BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER (I hope you were wearing ear plugs), a new patch bird for me. This is on the path between the Jerry Garcia amphitheater and the dog walker parking lot. The little migrant did not seem interested in hanging around. I refound it about an hour later just SE of Mcnab Pond before it vanished.

Good migration birding!
Dan Scali