Birds around town lately

Daniel Scali


Noticings of interest:

- A Peregrine did a flyover at the Horseshoe Pits a week ago Friday
- Purple Finch are singing like mad from McLaren to the Presidio (Ruby-Cs too)
- Heard 1st Hermit Thrush song last weekend (McLaren Park)
- Townsends Warblers have begun to sing as well (Log Cabin Trail)
- A flock of 14 Red Crossbills were jip jipping around Strawberry Hill Thurs afternoon
- Several Tree Swallows were "gurgling" and visiting Euc nest cavities across JFK Dr from the Log Cabin Trail Friday morning
- A very spiffy Leucistic Golden-crowned Sparrow continues near the same metrosideros trees (Lincoln Park golf course, I think 2nd hole tee box) where it appeared a month ago -- photos in Jan eBird list:
- A VARIED THRUSH continues in the Botanical Garden, seen in the Rose-breasted Grosbeak's Photinia tree (no Grosbeak)
- An immature BALD EAGLE flew SW bound over a MOB at El Polin Spring around 12:20pm TODAY
  • This was during a field trip with Marin Audubon led by sf birder Juan Garcia. About 10 of us got on the bird for good looks and Carla P got a nice photo. Earlier at El Polin the whole group was treated to a BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER working the willows
Best birding,
Dan Scali