bird song on CD's

myra ulvang <myra90@...>

I bought the 4 CD set of wn bird song by Stokes/Colver. However, I have never played CD's and know nothing about CD players. The stores have only 'discman' style portable players with headphones. I want a portable player. The Stokes booklet with the CD set mentions that each CD has 99 tracks. To choose a bird, you request a track. The young salesman in the store never heard of more than 45 tracks on a CD. His experience is with "music" CD's. One portable CD player in the store had a remote with numbered pads. One online review I read said the portable player in the review couldn't stay on tracks numbered over 50.

I wonder how others listen to the bird song CD's away from home. Hope this wasn't an innapropriate use of the SFBird group. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Myra Ulvang
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