Bernal Hill Today

Eddie Monson

Hi everybody,
Today as noted by others was a large push in the city. Bernal this morning while not having anything "rare" had some nice movement. Warbling Vireos were more numerous than I have ever seen with 8, Tanagers seemed in every tree with migrants, at least 2 Olive-sided were around as well as 2 Ash-throats, many grosbeaks, and a immature Bullock's Oriole (quite uncommon up here). Finally the Lawrence's Goldfinches were tinkling on the south side.
This afternoon I went up with Rajan Rao in hopes of getting him his hill bird Lawrence's. Some highlights from that were the juvenile Swainson's Hawk that interestingly made 2 passes by the hill before continuing north, we received great views of the female and male Lawrences flying right over us and witnessed them land twice, a female Laz was near the top of anderson, and the large flycatchers from the morning continued. 
Other than migrants it was nice to see hatched bushtits and juncos. Signs of successful breeding!
A great day of migration and hopefully more to come!