Bernal Hill

Eddie Monson

Hi all,
With spring migration kicking into gear I have been trying to get up on Bernal Hill every day. With the assistance of Rajan Rao we have managed to pull together some good finds. Some sightings of interest over the past week (including today) are: 
-3 Rufous Hummingbird's (these seem to be as, or more common than Allen's on Bernal)
 -Hammond's Flycatcher (a great find by Rajan)
 -Lark Sparrow (in the same tree one was in last year)
 -Western Wood-Pewee (my FOS)
 -2 Semipalmated Plovers (flyovers heading NE)
 -8 to 10 Lazuli Buntings (Mostly flyovers but a couple birds landed and started to sing)
 -6 Black-headed Grosbeaks (all today)
Hopefully the onslaught of cold west winds can pause for some more clear warm days like today!
Happy spring