Bernal Area

Eddie Monson

Hi all,
Recently around Bernal Hill there have been some interesting hummingbirds around Esmeralda Slide Park. About a week ago a Rufous Hummingbird showed up and then yesterday a Annas x Selasphorus hybrid showed up. This bird looks very much like an Annas superficially but studying it reveals multiple details that make it a hybrid. These include, orange tail feathers, a more orangish hue to the gorget, orange axillaries, and orange lores. There is a Pride of Madeira bush in the park and after a little while, the hybrid flew to it and started feeding. These plants are great for hummingbirds in general and I am starting to see them bloom, and hummingbirds use them. Last spring a big patch of them at the Bernal Hill community garden produced many good hummers. Definitely check out these patches of Pride of Madeira patches if you have any near you. Other spring signs have been my first singing Townsend's and Orange crowned Warblers.