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Richard Bradus


I tried to do just that yesterday late afternoon, thinking that it would be easier with the absence of the fog and mist, but the ridiculously strong wind kept all the birds either in cover or flying by at extreme speed, though I did see and hear lots of House Finches, a Creeper, and the Barn Owls further to the west. After nearly an hour and a half of fruitless searching for the Lawrence's family, I finally heard about 45 seconds of the male doing two stanzas of his characteristic jumbled high pitched melange (from just to the east, in the restored "Western forest" area) but was unable to actually see him.

FYI - for those of you who have posted eBird checklists over the past week, especially those who used a personally marked spot or "Forest restoration area--Presidio" (and some of you who used the Julius Kahn Playground hotspot for convenience), please note that there is a newly approved particularly apt Hotspot for this area (the forest restoration area and the trails along W. Pacific Ave. and leading past Paul Goode Field to the north) called Presidio--Southeast. It can be easily found on the SF Hotspot map on eBird or see:
As you continue to visit this area, please submit checklists using this hotspot - and those of you who have submitted checklists under a personal spot or other location should be encouraged to re-designate their checklists under this hotspot as it will very much simplify the eventual process of data aggregation.

Thanks - and continued good sightings to all

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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To answer Bob's question, I noticed today that the area where the LAGOs have been most frequently seen is full of fiddlenecks, plants that I had heard LAGOs like. This morning I watched the stunning adult male visit multiple plant patches, chomping away on his favored parts.