Arctic Tern @ Wave Organ & Gannet offshore

Max Laubstein

Hey All,
This morning I spotted an Arctic tern with an apparent bill deformity roosting on the beach by the wave organ as I departed the marina aboard an Oceanic society boat.  Upon returning around 5, the bird was still visible, foraging around the entrance to the marina around (37.8077327, -122.4404919).  As of 5:42, i am still seeing the tern.  I’ll attach photos ASAP to the eBird list.  Also of note, today a few miles east of SEFI the Northern Gannet was flying due east towards the mainland, so maybe it will show up somewhere on the coast.  ...and, an ashy storm-petrel and large numbers of cassin's auklets and tufted puffins were great as well.

- Max Laubstein