Another Alta Plaza Palm Warbler

Richard Bradus

Another week, another surprise.

Walking up the east side of Alta Plaza Park shortly before 1 pm today I was idly following a Yellow-rump when another warbler flew in to forage in the small trees. The bobbing tail was a dead giveaway. A returning Palm Warbler? Nope, a different one! This one is considerably paler than last year's but, even without binoculars, the eye line and the bright yellow undertail coverts were quite apparent. Plus there was the almost continuous bob-bob-bob of the tail. It was quite active so it may or may not be readily re-found, but perhaps it will stick around for awhile.

BTW, for any of you Deadheads, there is a really sweet "Supplication" jam in today's 30 Days of Dead offering. Joe-Bob says check it out!

Happy trails,
Richard Bradus
San Francisco