Common/Barrows Goldeneye?

David Webster

I managed to see and photograph this bird from about 12 noon to 130PM, after another heads-up text from my friend and fellow bird photographer, Robert Ho (DDS), who originally encountered her at Mountain Lake. I met briefly with him and Max B, who didn't know what to make of this 'odd' duck either...

Enclosed are my photos - that lead me to think this could be a hybrid?  Eyes, shorter beak, forehead, darker head {Barrows)?

Underwing and topwing (Goldeneye)

At any rate, I think these photos will be better for official identification, and help the real experts, should they care to weigh in. Maybe it's one of those that the guides often state, "best left unidentified".  I sure Wanted her to be Barrow's, but now I have my doubts.

Thanks all!

David Webster