Troglodytes Wren Mountain Lake 11/9

Logan Kahle

Hi All,

On 11/9 I encountered a Winter/Pacific Wren at Mountain Lake Park in the northern riparian near where the big cypresses are on the west side of the trail. The bird was giving odd calls that sounded to me more like a Winter than a Pacific. I passed it around to a few other folks with some experience with the species pair and most agreed with my suspicion. Opinions on this bird welcome, as again the calls are not really typical of either species. Regardless, it is a weird sounding bird and not the most typical Winter Wren if it is one.

I went back today, 11/14, and could not find the bird. An obvious Pacific Wren was foraging in the same general region, giving normal Pac Wren calls.

Currently there is one audio clip uploaded to this checklist. I will upload a couple more soon.