Local Interest - Fort Mason Western Tanagers, Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker, etc.

David Assmann

There were two late WESTERN TANAGERS in the Eucalyptus trees west of the garden in Fort Mason this morning. One of the NORTHERN FLICKERS that's been at Fort Mason looks like a fairly pure YELLOW-SHAFTED. First thing this morning I counted 17 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS at Crissy Lagoon. Yesterday I had great looks at the continuing SAGE THRASHER at Heron's Head Park (it was still there this afternoon). Checking Bird Cast this morning on fall migration (they stop posting Tuesday) it appears that we had a very slow fall migration.  The historic average is 2.5 million birds passing over San Francisco during fall migration - this year there have only been 1.146 million - less than half normal. Checking other localities it appears that migration has been below average all along the West Coast - but in the Midwest and East migration has been at or above average.