Shorebirds and FOS Western Wood Pewee

David Assmann

Started the day at Ocean Beach where SANDERLINGS and WHIMBRELS were the predominant shorebirds - Whimbrels spread out along the beach, with the Sanderlings in flocks containing birds in plumage varying from basic to alternate.  In with one group of Sanderlings were 8 DUNLIN. Also saw single SNOWY PLOVER, MARBLED GODWIT and LONG-BILLED CURLEW. 4 BRANT flew by, heading north. Stopped at Crissy Lagoon, which became tidal again four days ago, and immediately the number of shorebirds started increasing, with today having the highest numbers yet, including 52 SEMI-PALMATED PLOVERS, 53 WESTERN SANDPIPERS, 13 LEAST SANDPIPERS and 5 DUNLIN. A quick stop at Fort Mason yielded my FOS WESTERN WOOD PEWEE.