Crissy Common Merganser

Jonah Benningfield

Hey all,

I might just be out-of-the-loop here, but Augie Kramer and I were surprised today to see a female Common Merganser awkwardly waddling its elongated body along the mudflats at Quartermaster Reach. However, we ran into Moses Alvarez (finder of the White Wagtail last spring), who informed us that the bird has been around for a week now, and mentioned his iNat post from January 8th (

I looked on eBird for any other reports, and noted that nobody has submitted to the main Crissy Field hotspot yet in 2022, so maybe we just haven’t been looking. Matt Zlatunich has an eBird report up from this morning reporting 2 from offshore (; not sure if one of those is the same bird we saw. 

all the best,
Jonah B.