An urban hawk

Richard Bradus

Hi all

On this dreary day and after the excitement of Rachel's Virginia's Warbler I offer a little slice of urban birding.

Yesterday afternoon as I was making my way up the hill on my usual walkabout I noted some persistent screaming by a bunch of crows on power lines along Scott St. The source of the commotion was right at the Clay St. entrance to the west side of Alta Plaza Park - a Red-tail had caught what appeared to be a pigeon and was enduring the harassment and fending off a few close strafing fly-bys by the crows as it tried to pluck its prey. Eventually it flew off a bit to the east seeking the shelter of the pines to consume its meal in relative peace.

Inline image
A few better photos on my eBird checklist:

A reminder that listening (and looking up) as we walk around town can sometimes bring rewards.

Let's hear it for the rain!!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco