Bernal Hill

Donna Hayes

This morning I had repeated sightings of an acorn woodpecker on Bernal Hill. It seemed to be circling the hill, as I saw it on both the northern and southern sides. Last seen flying south.

I also saw my FOS Townsend’s warbler. Maybe I’m late to the game.

A few people told us about crows mobbing a red-tail hawk at the top of the hill. I didn’t see this myself, although did observe 20+ crows above the hill. One person told us the hawk had a damaged wing. Anyone know anything about this? Later,I did see two adult red tails circling above the north side.

Also observed: 3 dark-eyed juncos, several pygmy nuthatches, singing white crown sparrows, 2 black phoebes that seemed to be having a confrontation.

Interesting birding!
Donna Hayes