McLaren roundup

Daniel Scali

Hi birders,

Predawn I recorded some calling I did not recognize coming from a residential area about a block from the park edge. I’ll share back if I ever ID it as rare. Otherwise the heavy fog rolling in at 8ish put a bit of a damper on things. Best bird was a heard FOY Red-breasted Nuthatch until it was close to time to leave when some fireworks from the Sunnydale houses sent huge flocks of Starlings, Pigeons, and Blackbirds toward Crocker Amazon. Some of the wing bars appeared white as they flew over so I tracked several down at the Humming Bird Farm area and soccer fields parking lot. I’m not an expert and didn’t hear anything odd and trike-like but I believe there was at least one if not more TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS in the mix. I’ll upload photos to ebird later this evening when I get a chance.

Good birding,
Dan Scali