Gray Flycatcher at Olympic Golf Course 09/07/21


Hi all,
This afternoon, Augie Kramer and I were visiting a friend living in the apartments overlooking the golf course off of John Muir Dr., near Vista Grande canal, and from their balcony we heard a 'whit' and saw a pale flycatcher. After getting the scope on it, we learned it was a Gray Flycatcher! The bird was hanging out on the backside of the center of the complex in the golf course, near a dirt mound with brushy plants around. Unfortunately, I don't know how chaseable this bird will be. Perhaps accessing the backside of the western end of the building and looking through the fence may yield views. The bird kept going deeper into the golf course and disappeared.
Here is a link to the eBird checklist with poor photos:

Cédric Duhalde