SF this week

Eddie Monson

Hi all,
This past week I have been birding Bernal as usual. Today I did a quick look around other spots on the east side of the city and saw a few migrants although no major push was occuring. Here are some of the interesting sightings from the week (including today).
-Broad-winged Hawk (Adult flew by my house on Monday)
-Lawrence's Goldfinch (I witnessed an adult male on Wednesday followed up by 2 seen on Friday by David Armstrong)
-Golden Eagle (A second year flew over my house on Friday)
-Acorn Woodpecker (Flyby on Tuesday)
-Ash-throated Flycatcher (My FOS in the city today on Bernal. Seemingly sparse in the city so far this year?)
I am definitely seeing diversity but really a lack of numbers. Tanagers and grosbeaks seem to come in one's and two's. Warblers seem almost non-existent most days and raptors up to now have also been slow. It will be interesting to see how this year plays out and whether it is just a very late year or something else.