Bernal over the past week

Eddie Monson

Hi all,
Over the past week migration has picked up a lot up on Bernal. Here are some of the interesting finds I have had (some with Rajan Rao).
- Lawrence's Goldfinch (a flyover on the NE side of the hill)
- 28 Turkey Vulture (Wednesday was finally clear and warm and the first large movement I have witnessed of this species)
- Bald Eagle (a second year on Monday seen with Rajan Rao) 
- 1 Swainson's Hawk (a darkish light-morph headed N over diamond heights)
- 10 Laz Buntings and 7 Western Tanagers (finally! On Wednesday as well)
- 8 Warbling Vireos (Wednesday through friday. My FOS for Bernal and SF)
It might not have been the most exciting spring so far but certainly enjoyable!
Hoping for some more sunny days and more beautiful birds!