Presidio migration and big hour this morning.

Josiah Clark

This morning by bicycle starting at 8 AM I did it a 1 hour whirl wind blitz looking for as many species as possible during this ephemeral, peak spring diversity window. 
    I ended with a near record total of 75 species in the hour despite not seeing a single raptor and having Crissy Field largely devoid of shorebirds.
    Obvious signs of migration and highlights  included:
    25+ Elegant terns in a tight flock across the Golden gate channel. 
  15+ Savannah Sparrows at Crissy field
   Hundreds of northbound swallows including Cliff, violate green and perhaps a dozen wt swifts, all over but mostly ft Scott 
   A Merlin chasing a swallow
    My first Hooded oriole of the season above ft point
    3+ Red crossbills, singing near immigrant point 
   The 2 sb dowitchers Crissy field 
   Hundreds of new scoters off baker beach 
   Cooper’s hawk courtship flight
    Many thousands of double crested Cormorants by Alcatraz  on the recently arrived anchovy school.
     And in the belated category while with Jonah and Cedric Thursday evening we all managed to get good looks at the continuing western red bat by inspiration point and an adult bald eagle flew over there.
    By the end of the second hour the west winds had kicked up but I had seen 89 species in the presidio by bike in what seemed like an impressive morning of movement. 
   Keep looking up!

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