Workshops - Migration, Shorebirds, YouTube, LA Birders, etc.

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hello all,


     There are a couple of workshops coming up, that some of you may be interested in and additional resources to spend time with during the evenings. Enjoy!  


  1. Migration and migrant land bird ID – Brought to you by SFBBO. Two classes, dates are March 16 and 18. I will be teaching this workshop which not only details how migration works, including how birds navigate and so forth. But also details some identification tips for of our warblers, thrushes etc. Note that scholarships are available for students of underrepresented groups. To register visit this site:
  2. Shorebirds!! – This workshop will attempt to simplify some aspects of shorebird identification, and will also tackle the widespread identification issues, such as peeps, dowitchers, yellowlegs, plovers and so forth. But we will also dip into some of the amazing breeding biology, migration and the relationships within the shorebirds. This workshop will be done in 4 classes, March 22, 25, 29 and April 1. To signup for this set of workshops do visit:
  3. “Birding Your Best Life” YouTube channel – The latest addition is on bird shape. There are videos on using eBird photos, gulls, pelagics, hawk wing shapes, and yellowlegs so far. More will be coming.
  4. The LA Birders group has a set of ID oriented talks which some of you may not have been aware of. They also offer a membership to support the endeavor. There is one coming up on sapsuckers, which I know have been troubling for folks in the Bay Area this winter.
  5. Coming soon – with friends, we have plans of creating a new birding podcast. This is coming together, the first has been recorded. When we go live, I shall let you all know.


Thanks to many of you for your kind words on past videos and workshops. I have been having a great time offering them. I am also learning a lot as I do them, and that has been super. If any of you have any ideas of other videos that could be created (dowitchers have been requested), or topics of interest, do let me know.


Good birding, and looking forward to pelagic season.  



Alvaro Jaramillo