Spreckels Lake Short-billed Dowitcher


Hi Birders,
      Waders are unusual anywhere in GG Park. A Short-billed Dowitcher was strolling among the gulls at Spreckels Lake this morning c 11:15. Photos are on ebird. I would be surprised if it were a Long-billed, but not shocked as I’ve been wrong before attempting to assign a species to dowitchers. Anyway, a playful child flushed it to air where it was immediately attacked maybe 10-15 feet off the ground by a Peregrine. The alert dowitcher dodged the one attempted ambush and escaped without losing a feather to be last seen whirling east over the trees. I wonder if the falcon’s presence had kept it mingling with the pigeons and loafing gulls for safety?? The falcon, according to another birder, soon caught a pigeon.
Russ Bright