Mountain Bluebird @ Battery Godfrey, 2/21/21

Paul Saraceni

This morning I spent several hours up on Battery Godfrey. There were intermittent, light NE winds, but not enough to produce a movement of waterfowl.
Western Bluebirds were on the move early this morning and I observed at least 15 in groups of 5 / 3 / 3 / 2  + several singles. Some of these birds were high-flying and appeared to continue on their way, either S or N over the Bay.
One group of 3 bluebirds very briefly landed on the utility pole & wires just behind (E of) the Battery and N of the old building adjacent to the parking lot, around 7:40 AM. I managed a photograph of one of them just before they took off and flew E in the general direction of Ft. Scott, not to return again to BG while I was present. On uploading the photo when I returned home, I confirmed my quick impression -- a MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD, showing overall blue plumage, especially on its upperparts, no rusty color, longish primary projection and tail, and a thin, pointy bill.  From my quick look at the perched group the other 2 appeared to be Western Bluebirds.   Other bluebirds that I managed to photograph in flight early this morning were Westerns.  Perhaps this is the individual observed by Hugh Cotter and I as a calling flyover @ BG on 1/23, but not since then, or another in the small coastal movement this winter.
I will post the photo later today in an ebird report.
Other observations at the Battery this morning included a Merlin, 35 Band-tailed Pigeons, and single Tree and Violet-green  Swallows.
Paul Saraceni
San Francisco