Leucistic White-crowned Sparrow at Heron's Head 18Feb2021



I came across what I believe to be a leucistic White-crowned Sparrow at Heron's Head Park in San Francisco this afternoon, 18Feb2021.  It was associating with a small group of standard WCSPs in the marsh grasses just off the South side of the main path and maybe half way out to the point.  I was taking a photo of the standard variety when this very faded looking bird poked its head above the tops of the grasses nearby.  It was initially facing away from me, but I managed to get a few descent images.  They're attached to this eBird checklist:  https://ebird.org/checklist/S81903200

And yes, the Rock Sandpiper was present.  It's always fun to go out there and see if I can find it without any assistance or clues - like a Where's Waldo!


Keith Gress
El Granada