Red-necked Grebe at Pier 94 etc.

Joe Morlan

The Red-necked Grebe continued at Pier 94 this afternoon.


This morning we visited Fort Mason where the Red-breasted Sapsucker showing
characters suggesting nominate S. r. ruber (or maybe an intergrade) was
still present.



Special thanks to Bob Gunderson for leading us to the sapsucker.

Also the escaped molting Northern Red Bishop was still present visiting the
feeder at Fort Mason this morning.


This bird seems to have garnered considerable interest despite being an
escaped cage bird.

Northern Red Bishop is native to northern tropical Africa, but has
introduced populations in southern California, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico,
and a few smaller Caribbean islands. In California they are resident in
coastal Los Angeles and Orange Counties mostly along the Los Angeles, San
Gabriel and Santa Ana Rivers and along San Diego Creek. Elsewhere in
California occasional escapes have been noted. Closer to home, small
numbers have occurred irregularly in Santa Clara County where they have
nested occasionally but no self-sustaining population has become
established there. In San Francisco there have been occasional sightings in
the past. Over the years I've seen single birds at Land's End and Lake

Despite these sightings, this species is not currently accepted on the
California bird checklist because it does not meet the criteria for a
successful established introduction. Nonetheless it is on the "Watch List"
of species which might be added in the future if their numbers increase and
more self-sustaining populations are documented.

Stay well!
Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA