Pier 94: GLAUCOUS GULL and other goodies

Eddie Bartley

2/12/2021: bird break this afternoon to Pier 94 was eventful. Breezy in the open areas, low tide. Very large Gull roost with good diversity, no peeps for second visit in a row

GLAUCOUS GULL: juvenile, very large, very pale, bright pink bill with black tip, floated right over us; Also Herring Gull and a couple of Iceland Gulls mixed in with the usual suspects and lots of them. 
EURASIAN WIGEON, male in south pond, first one we've spotted here in a while.
RED-NECKED GREBE, presumably continuing individual seen last Saturday, this time quite close in
Lot's more Aechmophorus Grebes than we've been seeing out there, 25 minimum. 
Brown Pelicans, 4: most adults have left for SoCal and Mexico, these were all juveniles. 
COOPER'S HAWK: flushed one in south upland, which might explain why songbirds were skittish, we've seen very few accipiters in SF this winter. 
PEREGRINE FALCON, carrying Pigeon Prey and calling, carried prey to second bird waiting on light standard south side of Islais Creek

Cetaceans: 2, fairly sure they were Dolphins, not porpoises. Surfaced only a couple of times in a line of roiled water about 1/3 of way to east shore, dorsal fins looked too small for Bottle-nosed. 

Eddie Bartley
Noreen Weeden