Pier 94 report 2/6/21

Eddie Bartley

Post planting party we birded Pier 94 in sunny, beautiful weather and were rewarded with some good birds.

AMERICAN PIPIT was strutting, foraging south side of the quite full Hansen pond. Likely the same bird as has been wintering at Heron's Head.
RED-NECKED GREBE was diving at the mouth of Islais Creek.
LINCOLN SPARROW, first we've seen in a while at this location.

There were a high number of Pelagic Cormorants moving about, showing full to partial white patches in their flanks now. 
Anna's Humming birds are displaying, more than in recent visits. 
Nuttall's White-crowned sparrows are singing it up too. 

Happy trails!

Eddie Bartley
Noreen Weeden