Battery Godfrey, SF, 12/20/20

Paul Saraceni

There was a relatively-diverse flight for late December at Battery Godfrey this morning, during brisk, steady NE winds, with very good visibility.
The highlight was a LAUGHING GULL flying E over the Channel early, perhaps the individual observed periodically at Crissy Lagoon during the past several months. 
A lot of gulls were on the move this morning, especially Mew Gulls.
An f./imm. LONG-TAILED DUCK flew NE low over the Channel. Perhaps this individual is wintering locally.
Other waterfowl on the move this morning included:
Greater White-fronted Goose 10 (1 flock flying N)
Cackling Goose 21 (3 groups flying E: 9/2/10; all appeared to be "Aleutians")
Northern Shoveler 14 (12 + 2 with a Pintail flock)
Am. Wigeon 4 (flying with a Pintail flock)
Northern Pintail 88 (6 groups flying E: 8/4/2/18/21/35)
Gr. Scaup 1 m. (flying with a Pintail flock)
Other observations of local interest:
Horned Grebe 1 (below the bluff)
Whimbrel 4 (on rock below the bluff)
Long-billed Curlew 1 (on rock below the bluff)
House Wren 1
Bewick's Wren 1
Pine Siskin 106 (multiple small groups, most flying N)
Paul Saraceni
San Francisco