Battery Godfrey 11.21.20: Townsend's Solitaire; Swainson's Hawk etc.

H Cotter

Spent the morning with Eli Gross at Battery Godfrey with some nice results.
Winds were E/ NE and it was clear.
Highlights included:

Townsend's Solitaire - (1) that flew directly overhead and east
Swainson's Hawk - (1) light morph juv that came from the west and then crossed to Marin - Late
Tree Swallow- (11) going east.

In addition we had some good movement of Varied Thrush (278) and Band-tailed Pigeon - (Approx 2700 with biggest flock approx 800 or so birds ) mostly going south and Red Crossbill (4) flying west.

Most intriguing were two pale bluebirds flying east in the GG channel at a distance that suggested Mountain Bluebird. They were too far away to confirm.